Ryan Whittier Hale: Null Presence- Tonite!

May 13, 2012







Envoy is pleased to invite you to NP's one-night showing of Ryan Whittier Hale's Null Presence.

Ryan's recent body of work explores the lines between intimate life-like beings and uncanny artificial ones. He depicts an alien world filled with androgynous, android-like creatures wandering a desolate but beautiful landscape. These characters' delicate bodies fall somewhere between organic and artificial lifeforms. They are sometimes comprised of several colored components, as if they were constructed from various bodies. Many of their features have been smoothed away, making their bodies appear alien. They have no distinguishing sexual organs, hair, or skin textures. The smooth surface value of the figure's skin makes them almost appear plastic, but at the same time, they have lifelike expressions and bodily gestures. Recalling the highly stylized poses of Mannerist painting while introducing a bizarre science fictional sexuality, Hale engages with themes of androgyny and sexuality while exploring the realms of emotional conflict and co-dependent relationships. The characters' relationships are depicted as complicated power plays between emotional fulfillment and estrangement. Their relationships never seem grounded and always seem to have a darkness looming over them. They never seem fulfilled by one another, even when they are shown embracing. Through a process of push and pull, the figures are ever seeking resolution and intimacy through the realization of desires that always remain just out of reach.

NULL PRESENCE shows on May 13th at envoy enterprises, hosted by NP.

envoy enterprises
131 Chrystie St.
[email protected]