Rosie O'Laskey by Todd Pendu

December 24, 2014

"The shoot with LA-based model Rosie O'Laskey and I went quite well as we walked through the backstreets among the warehouses and industrial garages of Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY. Rosie was wearing only heels and a long black coat over underwear and stockings. At times we were shooting her half-naked with workers just around the corner having no idea we were there. Other times, gawkers or onlookers would hurriedly walk by not sure how to handle the fact that there was a nude girl in the street. All was going well until we began shooting near the chemical-contaminated Newtown Creek by the railroad tracks. Only a short time after taking a few shots, we began to set up a third shot in that location and Rosie had just covered herself back up with her long jacket when I heard a car rolling up, none other than the police. I continued to shoot her in the jacket in order to play cool while the officer walked up on us. We acted nice and joked with the officer sure that he would tell us to move on. He seemed to be acting pretty relaxed before he started writing up trespassing citations for each of us. He said it would be a $25 fine that we could mail in, WRONG, little did we know it would end up costing a day in downtown court and $100 fine. I'm sure it would have been worse had Rosie been indecently exposed when he walked up on us, so I guess we should consider us lucky. All in all the photos came out great. The final image in the series of Rosie laughing was literally the last shot we took. After the cop left we went further down the street and were going to keep shooting. Just as Rosie disrobed a city bus slowed down while driving past trying to get a look... That was it, it was pretty much a wrap. Obviously Bushwick is not the wild west of the old days where anything goes, but we were able to capture some great images despite. Have to say it was a good day." - Todd Pendu