Rhett Rebold

September 19, 2012


'Lately, I've been working with digital Infrared photography. Captured on the edge of where visible light and infrared light meet, these near infrared images are maps of healthy living things (glowing brightly) and dead things (dark and sometimes blue) as well as a visible light depiction of natural beauty. I'm attracted to the way infrared reveals veins and other features that are hidden in visible light. Skin and plants together remind me of our ultimate frailty and connectedness with the rest of nature.'
Rhett Rebold has lived for extended periods in Hawaii and in the Washington DC area. While on Maui, he studied Surrealist and fashion photography with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photographer artist Tom Sewell and the photogravure process with Lothar Osterburg. In Prague, he studied figurative photography and lighting in the studio with Philippe Bricart. Currently in the DC area, he continues to search for the unusual and his photography abides.