Red, White, Black and Blue

June 18, 2014


'The body is a fragile mass of meat that bruises, sickens and decays. It is the conduit through which we experience our lives and it will eventually fail. Every day is a reminder that it is weak, flawed, and inescapable. We feed it antacids, aspirin, antihistamines, and antibiotics to cure one ailment or another. However, it is also a vessel to express and share emotions. Through the body, love, joy, rage, and fear are communicated. Raw emotions, though intangible and often incompletely relatable, heighten the sense of being within one’s body. This sensation ignites strength, solidity, and the power of one’s flesh and bones. I’m interested in the startling awareness of one’s corporeality during these moments of intensity. Innate interior forces anesthetize our perception of the intrinsic weakness of our physical form. And perhaps suggest that it is only because of the delicate nature of our flesh that emotions are so fiercely felt.' Samantha Wall on her Red, White, Black and Blue series.