Pretty, Sexy, Dirty, Girly

February 09, 2012
prettysexy_thumbbig1 Jenny Dayton - "Hearts Beating"


Pretty, Sexy, Dirty, Girly" is a multimedia exhibition of all female artists addressing the topic of feminine sexuality, curated by Seattle artist, Siolo Thompson. The exhibit opens on Friday, February 10th, at Bherd Studios Gallery in Seattle, WA, with a collection of work that will be sure to challenge, arouse, and capture your full attention.


Participating artists:

Andie deRoux, Crystal Barbre, Jackie Kingsbury, Niffer Calderwood, Cat Davis, Maggie Schneider, Debora Spencer, Jenn Brisson, Sadie Beaudett, Jenny Dayton and burlesque performances by Lyla la Coeur and Cherry Manhattan.


prettysexy_thumbbig6 Debora Spencer - "Savior"


prettysexy_thumbbig3 Crystal Barbre - "Dama Dama"