Pheromone Hotbox @ Steven Kasher Gallery, NYC

March 02, 2015

This show just came down, but is definitely of note because it featured some of our favorite young photographers working today: Steven Kasher Gallery, in conjunction with Kasher|Potamkin, is proud to present the exhibition Pheromone Hotbox. The exhibition showcased the work of five young women photographers: Aneta Bartos, Amanda Charchian, Shae Detar, Olivia Locher, and Marianna Rothen. 

Each artist was represented by approximately ten photographs from their recent work, all of the images portraying women. These young artists share a common method of bringing themselves and their friends to a location where they enact loosely scripted narratives, usually in the nude. These photographs address notions of the post-selfie and confront post-feminist ideologies.

The concept “pheromone hotbox” was originated by Amanda Charchian, who writes: “The understood biological purpose of pheromones is creation. In addition to reproduction in the organs, creation manifests itself for the female artist as an expanded conduit for communication of pheromones between spiritual and material realms. Exuding from the female psyche, these images become an imprint from this hotbox of uninhibited vision. The tension created by sending these pheromones into a biologically confounded process is specific to photographing another woman intimately.”