Nir Arieli's Inframen

July 06, 2013

Nir Arieli started shooting for the Israeli Army, but with his passion, talent and dedicated efforts, he obtained a scholarship to study photography in New York School of Visual Arts. Today he’s an accomplished photographer living in the US and shooting mainly portraits. His series Inframen focuses on young men, and his process of using an infrared technique gives the images a bizarrley stunning contrast. More information on his Behance.


'To be a dancer is to work your body to the breaking point. In my project "Inframen", I created a series of portraits using an infrared technique that reveals details that are under the subject's abused skin. I am taking the dancers out of their roles as performers and revealing personal intimate individuals. Through these subtle and surreal portraits, I aim to continue my studies of contemporary male dancers, peeling the physical shield and exposing fragile human beings - The scars show on their skin and through their eyes.'