Nick Flatt: Buy This. Get Chicks.

June 27, 2014


Nick Flatt is a realist painter and sculptor notable for his large-format portraits in addition to large scale mixed media installations. He explains 'I like working with models that work in the commercial industry. I find that I’m able to mimic real advertisements more easily. I like the idea of using industry models, poses, and professional lighting rigs to mock the idea of “selling.” Sort of holding a mirror up to the absurdity of advertising and the false needs it creates.'

'Growing up in a small town definitely influenced my paintings. It’s funny how even though we lived in a trailer, in the middle of nowhere, I grew up with all the same advertisements. So this American Dream reaches everyone. Being a little more dislocated from the ability to achieve this lifestyle, and seeing the extreme difference between a Jetta commercial and how everyone was living in my area, helped to highlight the absurdity of these idealistic adverts. Seeing a bunch of young beautiful people running around drinking Pepsi, then going outside and seeing my neighbor pregnant with one leg, raising her four children in her parents double wide, really helped to shine a light on the farce.'