Mike Perry's Nudes

October 09, 2013

Mike Perry is a designer and artist working in numerous media: books, magazines, films, newspapers.  He draws, paints, and illustrates.  He animates.  He cuts, pastes, and builds.  He creates sculpture projects and installations.  He crafts limited-edition silkscreen posters as well as large-scale ad campaigns.  He curates books and monographs.  He can be enlisted to design Mike Perry originals for display at home or office.  He gets lost in pattern and wants you to get lost with him, too.  He wants to mesmerize and awaken you through his constellations of line, form, shape, color, idea. 

Perry art-directs, designs books, and paints portraits.  He wants your eyes to dance, and your mind and mojo along with them.  He is working on children’s books and has been invited to contribute to literary magazines.  Black-and-whites, muted colors, neons, shades of purple, images enchanting and cacophonous: Liftoff.  He brands and has a helluva beard.  He teaches.  He writes the Twitter feed himself.  And, yes, he does online giveaways.  Have you seen his Tumblr?  He’s working on a cooking show.  He’s made T-shirts and Nike shoes.  His appetite for collaboration and creation are omnivorous.  His curiosity and creative aspiration are boundless.  If you want to work with him, buy something from him, commission him, interview him, then the line, so to speak, is open.  He’s just like that.  The possibilities are endless.