Live FAST Magazine, Issue 1

May 21, 2014
  Live FAST Magazine has been curating the best of Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel by the means of an online magazine since 2010. Acting not only as an inspiration board for the aesthetically-inclined, it also serves as a platform for influential individuals to showcase their creative endeavors. Live FAST redefines boundaries between different artistic mediums, encouraging & inspiring readers to create a lifestyle that’s their very own and to pursue their passion.
An online magazine allows for the rapid sharing of ideas - the website is updated constantly with new exclusive editorials, features and interviews. Live FAST Magazine is making the transition to print as a means to supplement the company culture, bringing to life some of the best content that Live FAST has produced and curated over the past four years. Rather than solely relying upon the Internet to provide our readers with guides to different aspects of their fast-paced lives, the magazine will act as a memento of some of the best times had and great times to come with the company, thus inspiring our readers to grow alongside the magazine.

Founded by Vivianne Lapointe in 2010, the online magazine flourished from what she considers to be her four biggest passions and subsequently formed the company's namesake acronym - Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel. Targeted towards the venturesome individual, the publication boasts features that celebrate the facets of femininity and an audacious sense of wonder. The history of the company has been a labor of love - Lapointe funded straight from her pocket and has continued to provide all funding. As a result of the brand’s rapid expansion, the essential need to create a tangible token of the best of fashion, art, sex and travel has revealed itself, while it has become equally clear that the company needs to seek outside funding as a means to continue growing.
Donate NOW so that Live FAST will be able to produce a print publication as well as receive funding that will cover employee and editorial expenses, office rent, and website redesign.    We’re offering limited-edition prints by contemporary artists such as CYRCLE, Esao Andrews, and original art by DevNGosha and Hannah Stouffer   We are ready to launch Live FAST Magazine to an elevated status - one that operates on a basis of fluidity, that is neither bound to the fleeting interactions of the Internet nor the steadfast traits of a print publication.