Lieve Prins: Copy-Scan Art

May 21, 2015

Belgian-born Lieve Prins is internationally considered as a pioneer in copy-scan- art. She has refined her ability to speak with and through photocopy machines and scanners, transforming mundane reproducers of 2-D documents into a gorgeously expressive medium. 

'To create a work on the copier or scanner her [human] models lie on a warm glass plate, twisting into strange positions. Lieve Prins calls it ‘Horizontal Theatre’. In her most recent work, a coöperation with Aruba-born artist Shakiro Werlemans, consisting of a series of female torso’s, the role of gravity is reversed. The model is not lying on a glass plate with a camera underneath, but on her back with the camera on top of her. ‘Horizontal Theater’ in reverse. The female torso’s are the result of a performance in which the models themselves played an important role. They are portraits of the women exposing their personality by means of self chosen objects, symbols and ideas. The series engages in the connectedness of women with their body as part of their identity.'