L'Homme Grotesque from Klesha Productions

December 23, 2012


'One day I dreamed a mouth that spoke to me from the heart of the galaxy. The geometric lines that composed it were fractals that intersected with a regular intervals. This voice was singing a Mantra in an unknown language: i did not understand the meaning of his words but I could snatch the essence of his voice.
Informed me that the human was lifeform most anomalous of all the Cosmos: the perfection of the body, the mind irrationality and our false perception of time.
The next day I woke up and I asked how I could visually represent my dream and after 123 days of hard work this is the result.'


L'Homme Grotesque from Klesha Production on Vimeo.


Created and directed by
Pask D'Amico

Camera, editing and post-production by
Klesha production

Music by
Kleshamusic in "La Voce del Cosmo"