LA Odyssey

November 20, 2013

Photographic series LA Odyssey was created and shot by Los Angeles Based artist crew Flores, Gil & Mann. 'While we look at Los Angeles as the epitome of objectification of beauty- women, men and bodies, the perception of perfection, ugliness, and success- our city is stereotyped.  Yet past it's superficiality there is so much history to this wonderful city. In the quest for these absolutes, you may come to the conclusion that in reality they don't exist. It is in the cliché beauty.  It is in the labor of the factories.  And, I fell in love with my factory; it's grittiness so open and raw.  I would drive around Boyle Heights after work and came to love the East side of Los Angeles too...' Lily Flores




Born in Coahuila, Mexico, Lily Flores now lives and works in Los Angeles.  Flores’ story circumscribes the Los Angeles experience within the industrialized interiors and rich ornamentation culled from her time spent working in a Boyle Heights belt factory years ago.  Suspending the contemplative moments of women in the flux of desire, affirmation, & responsibility, her imagery includes women seeking empowerment through factory materials and the vocabulary of assembly line postures.  They are stewards of goods in the making, women of complex ages, races, & socioeconomic conditions who find the stillness to be photographed without losing their focus.  Her shots are often set in Boyle Heights factories, downtown LA workshops, and gritty garages, depicting scenes of labor and craftsmanship. 

Serge Gil’s nomadic upbringing ingrained in him a diverse sense of culture.  He currently resides and works in Los Angeles.   When he is not working on his fine art photography, Gil is an interior design consultant.   As Gil perceives the city as a melting pot of cultures, faiths and personalities,  in this series of photographs he intentionally complicates issues such as religion, materialism, and identity in order to offer new perspectives and associations for established symbols.  His various scenes and stories seek to impart people’s fixation with identifying themselves by means of materialism.  Gil not only animates the essences and suppositions of ego and id,  but positions his subjects in a duel fight for spiritual integrity, adventure, and endless self discovery.  

Raised in a small town in Arkansas, Kristy Mann journeyed to Los Angeles at the innocent age of 21 and proceeded to shape a career in fashion photography.   Experiencing personal struggles while adapting to a new city, resisting the frenzy of materialism as a means to define social status, and recognizing a distaste for mass consumerism and unquestioned conformity,  Mann creates an evolving landscape of commercial Los Angeles punctuated by vehicles of the city’s natural beauty.  The imagery is iconic yet  still disrupted, from capturing her subjects falling 30 feet in the air grazing commercial signage to posing in the backyard of the Beverly Hills Hotel, to walking along the highway of Topanga's bending canyon.  The imagery presents challenging objectives that recall the absurdity of superficial boundaries existing in Los Angeles, as her subjects find themselves mocking the normal way of life on a journey filled with humbling endeavors to surmount the mask of glory existing merely by their own construction.