Holly Sharpe's Fashion Renderings

August 16, 2013

'Holly Sharpe brings the elegance of a fashion designer’s line to the observation of human sympathies, discords and curiosities. Her fluid draughtsmanship and freedom with paint contribute to the creation of dynamic, vibrant pieces whether in colourful abstraction, or monotone drawings.' NewBloodArt


'Experience has led me to where I am now. This rocky path has so far included: working full time as a printed textile designer, travelling the world as far as my time and wallet could take me at any given time, and keeping my eyes and ears open the whole way. Ready to grasp important advice, cling on to fleeting moments of inspiration and hang onto the energy of incredible places and individuals. Bundled together with good old fashion hard work, determination and persistence, I now find myself back in Scotland, closer to my roots and family, working in a small studio in the centre of Glasgow. The mission continues: filling my world and yours with drawings, paintings, illustrations and colourful designs. With my work currently reaching a worldwide audience, I am well on my way to pursuing my dream to inspire and engage others around the world. 2013 has already been an exciting year so far and I have no doubts that it will only get better.'