Geoffroy de Boismenu: A short history of sex

November 15, 2012
The work of Geoffroy de Boismenu is remarkable for its liberated vision of sexuality, which is not without tenderness, sometimes funny, and never vulgar.  “The best word to describe this part of my work is probably ‘free.’ The ways in which eroticism and pornography are represented can be very boring, sometimes very demonstrative, and often quite grotesque. There are few artists whose erotic work lasts. I have always taken pleasure in placing certain traits of my sexuality in confrontation with another person’s. ” ?—Geoffroy de Boismenu 9117-1

Geoffroy de Boismenu was born in Hong Kong and is now based in Paris. He is an advertising photographer who has worked with Amnesty international, Etam, Rossignol, Pepsi-Cola, Marithé & François Girbaud, Paco Rabanne, Orange, Diesel, Peugeot and Nike. His work has also appeared in magazines like Glamour, Wad, Vogues Hommes International, L'Officiel, Wish You Were Here, Trax, Bag, Composite, Baby, Blackbook, Technikart, Citizen K, Dune, Mademoiselle, Premiere USA, Dazed & Confused, I-D, Nuke, Newsweek, Les Inrocks, New York Times, New York magazine, Paper, GQ andHarpers' Bazaar. His work has been exhibited in France and abroad, including at Colette, Musée d’Art moderne de Lyon, Open Eye Gallery and Artligue.

Agence Saint-Germain, Paris