Ellen Jong's Pee Theory

December 13, 2012
These images from Ellen Jong, she describes, 'present self-portraits revealing the performance of the human body, my body, releasing the golden fluid, urine, and capturing on film the essential fluid as it exists outside of its asylum, rendering its life, my life, eternal. Urine, as a subject matter and an expression, touch on issues of self, the human imprint, nature and the absurd. Does the fluid mark exist longer than it is visible? The fluid mark is what I call the “existential pee puddle” as it is at once full of expression yet will dissolve. In publicizing myself, I publicize the water that comes out of us to celebrate the social, environmental and conceived powers of the natural resource.' Fore more excitement, be sure to check out her latest book project, 'Getting to Know My Husband's C***' as well!!