Dear Voter: Grand Old Party

May 17, 2012



“Grand Old Party” is a data visualization project that took Gallup approval ratings for Republican GOP candidates within a time frame, projected the data as butt plug shapes, printed them with a 3D printer and cast them in black silicone. "Grand Old Party” – GOP – is a set of butt plugs. Matthew Epler explains, 'Each shape is determined by voter approval ratings amongst registered republican voters for each of the GOP presidential candidates. The height is a measurement of time, beginning December 10, 2011 and ending on April 1, 2012 (bottom to top). The width of each object is the quantity by percentage (out of 100%) of approval for that candidate. All data comes directly from Gallup polls. Grand Old Party


Dear Voter,


Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, you’ve probably grown
weary of the endless circus that is the electoral process. It is painful.
But it shouldn’t be that way. As a member of a free democratic state
you should feel exhilarating pleasure when exercising your right to
choose your leader.


Grand Old Party demonstrates that as a people united, our opinion
has real volume. When we approve of a candidate, they swell with
power. When we deem them unworthy, they are diminished and left
hanging in the wind. We guard the gate! It opens and closes at our
will. How wide is up to us.


In an age of information, we rely on hard facts. Each of the shapes
you see here come directly from poll data collected by Gallup. This
data reects approval ratings for each GOP candidate among registered
Republican voters from December 10, 2011 to April 1, 2012.
Each shape’s girth is a reflection of popularity while their height is a
reflection of time.


The contours of these delightful shapes conjure up the waves of
amber grain and those lapping at the rim of our great nation spanning
from sea to shining sea. As the battle for the Presidency rails
on, we must remember that Americans may may have achieved
freedom through war, but they are also a people of love. After all, in
the end all we have is each other.