Ben Moore's Sensual Photography

February 19, 2014


'I remember taking my first photograph as a child using an old 1970′s Nikon SLR.  Twenty five years later, and my passion and love of photography has only grown and grown.  I live and breathe through my lenses and quite simply adore taking photographs.' Ben Moore


I am a young, friendly, artistic, London based photographer.  Whether strolling through Camden Market on a crisp winters morning, lying on a deserted, sun drenched Indonesian beach or wondering the graffiti-laced back streets of  Brooklyn, photography is always on my mind, and a lens never far from my eye.  For me, capturing the light, the colour, and the emotion in every image I take is what makes this my passion.  I love working with people, whether at flamboyant London parties or at intimate editorial fashion shoots.  I am based in Hampstead, London but travel around the country and indeed abroad, having worked in Africa, New York, South East Asian, Australia and across Europe.