And There is a Darkness: The Works of Noritoshi Hirakawa

June 09, 2015

We will start by saying we don't know much about the works of Noritoshi Hirakawa, but we found a new series of the Jaoanese photographers work in a great new book by Prestel, "Desire: New Erotic Photography" and wanted to share some of our favorite works from the collection. Hirakawa comes first... 

from Japanese artist Noritoshi Hirakawa (b.1960) originally studied Applied Sociology and today works with photography, film, installation and performance. His works have been described as erotic and intimate and challenge mainstream views of sexuality and the assumption that male desire is inherently exploitative, objectifying and oppressive towards women. The artist believes that human activity forms the culture in which we live today and proposes to push the boundaries of perception in order to further culture as such. In particular, he identifies the camera as “a very good excuse to connect men’s and women’s desires”.