Erotic Lithographs by Peter Fendi

October 11, 2012

'The Lithographs of Peter Fendi are well know for their hedonistic, entertaining and humorous takes on idealised sexual encounters, from the mind of a 18th century gentleman. Peter Fendi who was born in and trained as a prodigical court painter in Austria, was a master of watercolours, oil paints and lithrographs; his multicoloured use of which was of a fairly notable merit for the time period.



His renowned series of forty erotic lithographs all appear deliberately explicit and created from his own fantasies and day-dreams, as opposed to the likes of Avril or Schiele, who sought to convey more seriousness in the reception of the figures; positions, expressions and scenarios. Being somewhere between traditional art and cartoons, they served as a quasi-realistic insight into the sexuality present in 18th century.'