Eric Yahnker "EBONY & BENGHAZI" @ Ambach & Rice, Los Angeles

Sep 06, 2013 - Oct 12, 2013Ambach and Rice, Los Angeles

One of the most interesting, irreverent, humorous, and talented artists working in galleries today has to be Eric Yahnker, who controls a colored pencil and critique of pop culture better than anyone. The May 2011 cover artist just opened a brilliant new show, Ebony & Benghazi, at Ambach & Rice in Los Angeles, featuring both massive colored pencil works on paper, installation pieces, and apparently, a naked woman hanging out in the gallery. And a Billrise

From the gallery:

A&R is pleased to announce Ebony & Benghazi, a solo exhibition of new drawings and sculptures by Eric Yahnker. The exhibit deploys an unflinching comedic analysis of the Western world's fixation on choice and its increasingly polarizing ramifications. Ransacking populist imagery to root out the suppressed architecture of social structures, Yahnker shines a perverse light on the stalemate between red state/blue state ideologies and the walls erected to perpetually reinforce this imbalance. Just as the fireman needs a dragon, Yahnker foresees this entropic struggle as part of a futile, but necessary cycle that allows bored Americans to feel a sense of moral vigilance and nationalism amidst perceived threats in a post-9/11 era. Utilizing virtuosic renderings and slap dash assemblages, Yahnker's crass parsing of dogmas bait the viewer into participating in a dead end game of moral Darwinism. Often delineating unlikely connections with paired and contrasting images, Yahnker's conceptual approach echoes Burger King's farcical slogan, "Have it your way!"

Eric Yahnker
Ebony & Benghazi
Through October 12, 2013
Ambach & Rice
Los Angeles, CA