Ed Ruscha @ Gagosian Gallery, New York

January 08, 2013

If you happen to be in New York this week, and you happen to love Ed Ruscha (as we do here at Juxtapoz), then you are in luck. Assuming you may not have already seen this lovely solo-show by the California-based artist, the exhibition provides a breadth of new and older work from Ruscha, some adhering to his well known use of text and others venturing into more heavily visual works like the acrylic canvas painting Gilded, Marbled, and Foibled. But this image too has connections to text as do Fanned Book and Old Book Today, that do not present text explicitly within the frame, but suggests it within the pages absent of words or suspended at an illegible angle within the picture frame. As Ruscha is quoted in the press release, "Sometimes I wonder whether I am painting pictures of words or whether I’m painting pictures with words." These more recent paintings seem to be engaging that question on an increasingly deeper level using the absence of words to still work within this confine, presenting what seems to be a decaying and blank book of history to explore these investigations in semiotics.

The show is up until Saturday the 12th.