Drawings by Ruby Amanze

October 23, 2013

Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze is a brooklyn-based artist of Nigerian birth and british upbringing. She has come to, not only accept this reality, but to ultimately find empowerment in the authenticity of the hybrid. Her drawings have been influenced greatly by textile processes, print-making, architecture and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi that emphasizes the beauty in that which is transient.

Ruby's work will be featured in an upcoming group exhibition titled "Six Draughtsmen" at MoCADA in Brooklyn, opening October 24th.

"For me, drawing is a self-sufficient, non-precursory medium, with the ability to absorb, layer, erase and reveal mark-making processes. Drawing is interactive; a dialogue between the maker, the paper or other surface, the materials and the processes. It is a back and forth exchange in which a certain amount of control is relinquished to the inherent nature of the materials to do as they will, while actively making conscious decisions to either initiate marks or respond to happenings. Upon completion, inevitably there are multiple drawings that exist beneath the visible surface of the paper, without which, what is visible would not have come to be. Drawing is intuitive. It lends itself to the most intimate and visceral spaces of thought and expression. It transcends all time. It is vulnerable in nature, often without polish or prestige." - Ruby Amanze