Drawings by Monica Zeringue

February 25, 2014

"My drawings are all self-portraits. I use images of myself, often reduced to a pre-pubescent form, in multiples. The girls exist in a world devoid of any reference to time or location, as in a partially recalled dream or memory. I am exploring identity, as I return myself back to a time of possibility: still innocent, but at the brink of change. But, as in the workings of memory, where time is compressed, stretched out, folded over and rearranged, these girls shift between pre-pubescent and fully mature, sometimes in the same work. They split apart, merge, and rearrange, creating sensual structures, of sorts, which sometimes give “birth” to more girls. These drawings are about becoming something new, different. The almost patterned repetition of poses emphasizes stagnancy, or a sort of glitch in time. Movement is suggested, but never seems to occur. Yet their hair keeps growing, weaving around them, binding and overpowering them, becoming something new on its own. I also use embroidery directly on the drawing as a visual and metaphorical element." - Monica Zeringue