Drawings by Jessica Stewart

January 24, 2014

'The works under When You Escape are artist Jessica Stewart’s musings on dreams and those who wander lost in their imagined worlds. Dreams are vast, beautiful, consuming, unstable places built from secrets and fears, desires and damages. They are completely of our own individual constructions, but they are not safe. There is a danger but inevitability in becoming lost in their enthralling embrace. In an instant, a turn of light, a change of heart, a dream of radiance and warmth can suddenly turn terrible and harsh. Dreams, reflecting life, are endlessly layered and textured with immense detail so fine that it is almost unknowable. But layer upon layer upon layer builds up on top of itself until what is unseeable becomes felt. This is echoed in Stewart’s drawings, which have a fluid, just-out-of-reach or hidden quality to them. For an instant they look fragile and impermanent, like smoke.'