New in Our Webstore: Donny Miller x Juxtapoz T-shirts

February 15, 2013

After featuring Donny Miller in the March 2012 issue of our magazine, we liked his work so much that we asked him to make two t-shirts for us. A natural collaboration, the shirts feature original artwork from the Southern California-based artist and are available NOW in our web store. Grab one for yourself and all your friends!

"It Doesn't Really Matter." Available Here.

"The Future Just Happened." Available Here.


Here is what Donny has to say about the collaboration:


“In making these mirror pieces (original medium), I wanted to say a great deal with the fewest words possible. Always paring down the words. I wanted these phrases to be answers to questions. Not to a particular question, but when someone reads it, it answers a specific question in their mind. It means something different to every person who sees it. I chose images of space using the principle that no one ever gets sick of a sunset. The ol’ capitalize on technology and nature’s eternal beauty trick.” – Donny Miller

Photos by Jason Yim



A little memory of Donny in the mag...