Diesel x Edun Present a Denim Collection by "Studio Africa"

March 06, 2013


Spring 2013 marks the launch of a collaboration that goes beyond fashion: DlESEL+EDUN present a denim collection born in Africa and worn by a new generation of creative talents. Inspired by African creativity, the collection is manufactured in Africa with the finest CCI cotton from Uganda.

Check out the Diesel x Edun collection here and Studio Africa's Tumbr here.

To bring the spirit of the 25-piece collection to life, DIESEL+EDUN developed the concept of Studio Africa – a virtual loudspeaker and platform for a new generation of creative talents from across the continent. Studio Africa celebrates creativity, with the campaign featuring nine African artists spanning fashion, film, music, literature, and photography. Individuals with both talent and a deep commitment to their respective countries and people: 

Meet, Laurence Chauvin Buthaud the Ivorian designer sidestepping the clichés associated with African fashion and harnessing global influences to make her mark on menswear; Yannick Illunga, the lover of Joy Division, pioneering South Africa's new wave aesthetic; Abdellah Taïa, the writer from Morocco breaking taboos as the first openly gay author in the Arab world; the Tanzanian catwalk model Flaviana Matata helping women empower themselves through education and business; Baloji, the Belgian-Congolese artist whose philosophical bent and arsenal of styles challenge what it means to make 'African music'; the Senegalese actor Sy Alassane creating opportunities for kids back home; photography collective, I See A Different You, who roam their hometown Soweto to capture its cool; Uviwe Mangweni, the Jo’burg based photojournalist telling stories and creating new images of the ever-changing city; and Tanya Mushayi, the Zimbabwean born designer whose work is a heady celebration of African Ankara and wax prints. 

Studio Africa's digital presence is curated by, Okayafrica, the online hub of the African ‘new wave’. A multi-faceted company focused on creating original content, Okayafrica is dedicated to capturing the spirit of the current explosion of music, fashion, art and political expression taking place on the bright continent.