UK-based graphic designer/artist, Anthony Burrill (a personal favorite of the Juxtapoz staff) has been making word-based prints for years and has made now some of the most iconic prints you have probably seen over the last decade or so. "I Like It. What Is It?" remains one of our favorites. Jealous Gallery notes that Burrill is known for his "persuasive, up-beat style of communication," and that style is on view at Jealous East in London through March 4, 2018.

His new solo show, Work Hard & Be Nice To People, features two new editions between the gallery and the artist. As Burrill notes, "These large scale screen prints take the typographic simplicity of my letterpress work to a new and exciting place. The increase in size restates the message of my work not only in scale but also in intent. The two phrases I’ve picked for the editions are my personal mission statement, I think we should all be more inquisitive and much nicer to each other. My ambition for these pieces is that they will speak to as many people as possible, they are intended as positive propaganda to promote a happier way of living."

Click here to read our interview with Burrill from 2014.