Juxtapoz has teamed with New England Outerwear co-founder Greg Cordeiro for a series of insights and takes in the world of industrial design and fashion, highlighting the diverse creative energy of young and established designers that we have been featuring in the print edition of Juxtapoz each month. Today, we start with the iconic: Why the Eames Lounge chair?

There is no doubt in the fact that Charles and Ray Eames are icons in the history of design. Many of us have used their products and never known otherwise. The couple worked in tandem to create some of the world’s most influential products that remain staples in our culture today.

You may have seen an Eames lounge in your stylish grandparents living room or your artsy friend’s studio. Maybe you have noticed it repeatedly on television or in films as a furniture prop. The amazing thing is, the Eames lounge is a piece of furniture that has become as recognizable as the slinky. But why?

The sleek, organic curves of the 3 piece molded plywood chair offer something enticing around every turn as the eye wanders about the seemingly fluid frame. The stark contrast of the supple leather cushions against the hard veneer, offer a combination of elegance and comfort. The chair nearly begs for you to enter into its embrace like your fathers favorite football watching recliner, but looks as if it belongs in the Wayne manor.

Why the Eames Lounge? article image 1

The details make all the difference; so much so, that they almost go unnoticed. The heavy rubber ‘shock mounts’ under the arms and on the back side allow for a good bit of flex as well as use in attachment to provide the “floating pieces” aesthetic. No part is disproportionate to the other, and the lack of any visible screws, furthers the completely clean and intentionally inoffensive, simple, refinement of the design.

Why the Eames Lounge? article image 2

It is vastly different from the other chairs in its time due to construction and design. It remains to be iconic because of its striking appeal and widely loved, groundbreaking style. Simply put, this chair is like no other. The chair has been continuously produced since its original introduction in 1956 and can still be found at www.hermanmiller.com and various retailers

—Greg Cordeiro is the founder of New England Outerwear, and a new contributor to Juxtapoz Magazine.