It is Friday, it is the holidays, and we could use an afternoon beer. And now we are even more thirsty after seeing that Danish artist Troels Carlsen created a unique label design for Danish specialty beer Wiibroe Årgangsøl. This is the 27th time that the company has had a Danish artist create a special label, and Carlsen being one of the best in contemporary Danish art, we love the look. 

Here is the info we have from V1 Gallery, who hosted a special event for the release earlier this week...

Carlsen attempts to breathe new life into old images and give them a contemporary twist. This has also been the idea behind the new label on Wiibroe Årgangsøl 2015 showing the artist’s self-portrait. “The motif is a bird on top of my head. Is the person on the label thoughtful, lonely or is he enjoying himself on a bar stool and letting his imagination run away with him? I’m encouraging whoever is enjoying the beer think more about the image,” explains Troels Carlsen. With his label motif, Troels Carlsen is attempting to show the dual nature of the internal and the external and of human beings and the world around us.

“It is all about the encounter between the human and the animal. I want to show how alike we are. Every time we let go of ourselves, we always return to something instinctive and primal and rediscover old primordial behaviours. Animals and humans, two charming creatures with the same herd mentality,” continues Troels. The painting was unveiled today at the Borgerkroen Inn in Elsinore. This new vintage beer will be available to buy as the existing production with the painting of Søren Behncke sells out.