It's amazing that in a world that is at rocket speed in the technology revolution, we still have this desire to be influenced and to admire what design was 40-50 years ago. NASA, besides its incredible research, has long been an agency with impeccable design taste, from logos to color choices, and two smart guys, Pentagram's Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth, decided it would be a great idea and popular idea to bring the iconic NASA Standards Manual back. So 8,798 backers on Kickstarter (info from ItsNiceThat) suppored a project to reissue the mid-1970s Nasa design manual by New York firm Danne & Blackburn.

 Here is info you may want to know about the book, and you can order it HERE!

This book is from the same print run as the Kickstarter campaign. It includes every page of the manual printed from 1200 dpi scans of Richard Danne's personal copy, a foreword by Mr. Danne, and a 6,000+ word essay on the culture of NASA at the time of the manual by Christopher Bonanos (New York magazine, Instant: The Story of Polaroid, "All aboard." from the 1970 NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual Reissue).

The book also contains scans of the original 35mm slide presentation to NASA by Danne & Blackburn, as well as The Manager's Guide to NASA Graphics Standards. Both of these components have rarely been seen by the public.