Check out those gold buns, a hilarious seating object titled “Fanny DeVito,” crafted by the goofy-chic Haas Brothers. From rarefied furniture made for Versace, to Lady Gaga’s custom wings, their work is insanely luxe and over-the-top, while maintaining a fashionable sense of humor. Perhaps you noticed their forty-three ton “Party God” statue made of hand carved marble at Coachella. If you took a selfie next to this cartoon monolith, you were in the presence of greatness. The handsome duo has an expanding studio in LA, and The Wall Street Journal called them the wonder twins of the design world. A materials list can tell you a lot, and when it includes “Reindeer fur, carved ebony, and gold-plated mini Chester Cheetah feet,” you can be sure the piece will amaze you, and that it was probably made by the Haas brothers.