Snow Peak recently released an updated series of their camp lights to go along side their other wonderfully designed outdoor gear. They truly execute the idea of thoughtful, minimal, and useful designs driven to accomplish their end use. The pieces are void of any unnecessary ornamentation and exemplify a modern aesthetic not found in many other outdoor products like it.

The Hozuki Lantern is a simple and clean fixture that can be used in multiple scenarios. It can react to its own environment as if it were a real candlelight by flickering with the wind or just be set to normal mode as a continuous glow. Hozuki can stand-alone or be hung, and comes in three serene color options.

Another great accompaniment to the Hozuki Lantern is the Mini Lapel Torch. This compact little LED device clips to your lapel and can be concealed in a pocket or in hand very easily. Its simple lines and interface make for a thoughtful, but sensible item in a time of necessity.

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Greg Cordeiro is a regular contributor to Juxtapoz Design, and is the co-founder of New England Outerwear.