For earth day, Shepard Fairey has created a beautiful, blue-toned series of posters. Each piece incorporates the phrase “This Is Not A Test,” referring to the urgency of actions needed to mitigate climate change and global warming.

Fairey writes:

Hopefully, you don’t need to be a “nature” person to understand that this planet is the one we humans and all other species have to live on (Mars fantasies don’t count). We are part of nature, not above it, and when we don’t treat our home well, it will eventually not treat us well. That time is imminent if not already here. I think anyone who appreciates natural beauty can understand why I try to use my art to highlight environmental issues. I was asked to speak at SXSW Eco last year and I decided to create a digital version of my presentation for easy viewing. Please check it out and share it if you dig it.

I also would like to politely but firmly encourage everyone to read Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything. OK, now I’d like to more antagonistically say: get off your ass. Whatever COOL things or NOT COOL things you are spending your free time on, that shit is infinitely less important than the future of the planet.