SPOKE ART is excited to share their next exhibition in San Francisco, Rucking Fotten’s A Poster Art Show. Known for their bold hyper colored designs featuring Japanese script and celebrating the classic films we grew up on, their surprise t-shirt drops are only available for hours at a time, earning them a cult like following online. This exhibition will be the first time classic designs from Rucking Fotten’s colorful history will be available as screen printed posters.

From Twin Peaks to Do The Right Thing to Big Trouble in Little China and everything in between, if you grew up on VHS tapes you’ll love them all. Their online drops typically include a limited timed t-shirt release, along with a multitude of variants, from long sleeve shirts, sweatpants and even cut-off jean jackets. Notching up the thrill of the chase to get one before they are sold out these limited offerings have become collectibles in their own right.

Spoke Art will have a variety of designs available as a part of Rucking Fotten’s A Poster Art Show, each 16” x 20” screen printed poster will be a limited edition of 100 and priced at $40. There will also be several variants featuring foil paper and glow-in-the-dark inks. Two exclusive t-shirt variants will also be available for the first time at the opening on Saturday, March 6th at our Spoke Art San Francisco. Online release to follow on March 11th at 10am PT on spoke-art.com.

Appointments are now available and can be scheduled here. Masks and social distancing required while at the gallery. For more information, or additional images, please email us at [email protected]