PBRart National Art Contest Is Back

September 14, 2018

The PBRart National Art Contest has kicked off its 6th year. Each year, Pabst Blue Ribbon proudly features their favorite art selection on millions of cans. The winner of this year's Art Can/2D category will get their art featured on the Pabst cans as well as $10,000. In addition, they've added a Digital Media Category for this year's contest. The winner of this category will also receive $10,000. This includes any form of digital media, motion graphics, 3D, video, animation and even GIF art. They will have 2nd and 3rd place winners for each category. The contest ends on October 1st, so submit your work today

Visit the PBRART.COM to download the art template, create your peice and submit. 

Art by @abradinfluence

Art by @anabenaroya

rt by @johnfmalta

Art Can Final