Panther Modern describes itself as a “a file-based exhibition space, encouraging artists to create site-specific installations for the internet.” In other words, artists create 3D models of rooms with art inside of them, then post images on Panther Modern’s website. The format allows artists to push the limits of sculpture in their rooms, unconstrained by budget or gravity.

Aesthetically, the genre is ripe for experimentation, creating a spectrum of styles from a sparse, realistic gallery design to a cluttered, futuristic neo-punk scene. We’re excited to see the projects that emerge from this digital space.

From their website:
Each project shown at Panther is given a unique structure in the format of a 3D model file, which built to engage the artist and their process of making. Given the variety of methods available to produce works in virtual space, the artist is able to choose the format in which they will share their installations. Completed rooms are added to the existing architecture, allowing the shape of Panther Modern to change with each project. Curated by LaTurbo Avedon.