Oluwaseyi Sosanya's 3D Loom

June 24, 2014

Oluwaseyi (Seyi/Shay) Sosanya, a designer and engineer whose design approach explores the territory between craft and industrial design practices, has created a loom that weaves in 3D. This young Royal College of Art graduate has set himself apart with his individuality, attention to detail and ability to gracefully connect high quality materials with high tech processes. Using a single durable thread, this new loom is able to create complex structures that are near invincible. After visiting fabric mills in the North of England to do some research on mechanical weaving practices, Sosanya has made shoe soles and will present these this year at RCA's annual degree show.

"I am developing more technical materials for helmets and stab proof vests–I am currently working on a material that I hope will address several of the issues caused by body shape that surround stab resistant vests worn by female British law enforcement officers."

Amazing. Check it out.

via dezeen