New Book: Typorama: The Graphic Work of Philippe Apeloig

March 26, 2014

Influential on both sides of the Atlantic, Philippe Apeloig is considered one of the most fascinating and distinguished graphic designers working right now. Beginning his formidable career in 1985 when he designed the poster for the Musée d’Orsay’s first exhibition, Chicago, Birth of a Metropolis, Apeloig has worked and taught extensively for esteemed museums and cultural institutions in France and across the globe. He challenges, “My job is to perturb.” And indeed, Apeloig does just that with the visual language he creates in brochures, posters, exhibition catalogs, logos, and typefaces, consistently fashioning a mystical sense of movement and rhythm while inviting his audience to dance through the letters and lines. We have a feeling that Typorama: The Graphic Work of Philippe Apeloig, the gorgeous retrospective of a highly original graphic designer, will become essential reading for anyone with an interest in the recent history of graphic design. —Lalé Shafaghi
  Thames and Hudson Books,