Swiss architect, designer, and sculptor Max Bill is widely known for his connection with the Bauhaus where he first studied under famed creators such as Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Oskar Schlemmer. Bill comes on the latter half of a generation of highly influential designers and artisans that revolutionized the way we create things today.

With any prominent designer, there are always brands that seek to utilize them for their skills. Max Bills long standing relationship with German brand Junghans became some of the most poignant pieces of his career. His obsession with precise engineering and proportion made his work for the watch and clock brand a perfect professional marriage.

Bill’s wall clock is simple and unobtrusive, lacking any superfluous detail to distract from its intended purpose. The clock is made of a clean aluminum ring, with a polished front face, showing a dominance of lines with minimal numbers to represent the time. The clock is almost mathematically designed in every sense to ensure clarity and emphasis on its pragmatic composition.

Bill later created wrist watches for Junghans. Both the wall clock’s and wrist watches are still in production today and available for purchase.

For more info, the collection can be found here. 

Greg Cordeiro is the founder of New England Outerwear and regular contributor to Juxtapoz Design.