Living off the Wall: "Aaron Draplin & The Art of the Side Hustle"

November 19, 2014

The best way to stay inspired and current in any creative field is by keeping tabs on your peers. For any of you designers, Aaron James Draplin better be on the top of your list, and not because his name starts with the letter A. In addition to Aaron’s impressive list of clients he is also behind those cult-like notebooks you see being jotted in all over the world, Field Notes. In this video from Vans' #livingoffthewall series and director Jared Eberhardt, we meet Aaron at his day job as a designer at his his studio, Draplin Design Company in Portland, Oregon. The tour quickly devolves into a discussion of his vast collections of well-organized junk, and includes a trip to an estate sale where Aaron picks up an ancient bag of peanut butter chips.


Vans #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL Documentary Series was launched early in 2014 to progress that dedication enlisting some of their favorite story-tellers to share the people, places and things that best illustrate such commitment to originality. Using words, images and motion pictures, #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL is a testament to the power of our global imagination, as explored through a surfboard, a microphone, a paintbrush and all tools of the creative trade.