Limited Edition Posters For One Night Only Oasis: Supersonic Release

October 20, 2016


Each artist a fan of Oasis, the works created by Tim Lahan, Justin Hager, and Friends of Type are a direct reaction to the film and the relationship of Liam and Noel Gallagher. 

 oasis TL large 1

“The thing that most defines Oasis to me, besides the huge songs, is the dynamic between Liam and Noel. I wanted to make something that reflected the braggadocio and sibling rivalry but also showed how it gave way to something massively successful yet reckless at the same time.”

- Tim Lahan


oasis FOT large 1

“All of us in Friends of Type have been Oasis fans for years. For this poster, the lettering is inspired partly by ’60s psychedelic posters and the doodles we’d make of our favorite bands when we were in high school. We wanted it to feel like an imaginary gig (or circus) with all the information being taken from different events, coming together for this ‘One Night Only’ gig.”

- Friends of Type


oasis HAGER large 1

“I chose to paint Liam and Noel embracing each other in a wrecked hotel room because I like their dynamic of being chaotic and charming at the same time.”

- Justin Hager