Juxtapoz x Skillshare: Taking Aaron Draplin's Logo Design Class

June 05, 2017

Juxtapoz is currently partnering with Skillshare, an online education community where you can stream online workshops and classes. Skillshare classes cover a huge array of skills and interests and include subjects like graphic design, illustration, lettering, photography, and pretty much anything else you'd want to learn. They're also offering Juxtapoz readers a free two month trial that'll allow you unlimited access to their platform.


When I first logged on to Skillshare I selected a group of things that I was interested in. For me, they were writing, graphic design, and fine art (go figure). I figured there couldn’t be any harm in learning more about any of those things considering these are the three foundations of what I do at Juxtapoz. I decided to give it a try see what I could learn from a class in logo design and illustration with Aaron Draplin.


Draplin is a funny and entertaining teacher. He is pretty straight up, and gets right to the point while throwing in some relevant anecdotes from time to time. In this class, he teaches us how to design a family crest and breaks the lessons down between finding inspiration for the logo, and then actually executing it in Illustrator. He talks about the things that inspire his crest and logo, and then leads the class through designing the logo. Throughout the class he offers tips on how to get through a design quickly and without sacrificing quality. He puts emphasis on making things unique and individual, rather than relying on templates from the internet. 


By the end of the lesson, the viewer has a pretty good idea of how to make a family crest and therefore will come away with a beginner's understanding of how to make a type of logo. Even as an Illustrator rookie, I was able to figure out how to execute the actions he was taking, even if not necessarily at the same pace. The video format is in some ways better than an in-person class, as I was able to speed up through the easier stuff and then pause, slow down, and rewind the more challenging aspects that didn’t come as easily to me. 

If you're interested in learning design, illustration, or want to try out any other creative skill, I would recommend trying out the two month free trial. The classes don’t require your undivided attention and little lessons from each one can stick. Soon you may find yourself using these tips and pointers in your own work. It’s easy to adapt your learning style to these classes because you can view the video as many times as you need to and at whatever pace you want.