Celebrating the intersection between fashion, art, and music, Adidas and HVW8 just opened an exhibition tokick off the release of new artwork on Seeley and Adi Ease styles from two of the designers Kevin Lyons and Jean André.The show is now open at HVW8 in LA through December 28, 2014.

Kevin Lyons
“I wanted to create bright, colorful all-over prints. But making sure that they are still very wearable…” says Lyons, “With the Seeley, I wanted to experiment with a lot of the watercolor on paper backgrounds that I have been doing over the past couple of years. I played around with very saturated color mixing that created an analog, thermodynamic Predator-like pattern. I like the moody blue and rich tones that some of the saturation and bleeding make.”

With the Ease, Lyons saw an opportunity to use some of the color fill drips from his larger mural paintings where he uses sponges and water-based paint to loosely fill his Monster characters. The drips make for interesting compositions of drops and splatters.

“I loved the idea of doing a white shoe that then had the watercolor on it…But it is not meant to look like literal paint splatters – more a fabric design that was made up of those drops and splatters.”

Jean André
For his Adi Ease, Jean looked at an all-over pattern of more sensual shapes and the formal similarities between leaves and women’s lips. Jean adds, “I thought that everybody would expect me to draw girls on the shoes, but I don’t really love figurative patterns. I did, however, want a thugged-out black and white pair that I’d be proud to rock, so I added the girl inside as a signature last touch."