Intergalactic Packaging

June 12, 2014

Taken from the blog LETTEROLOGY, here are some geriatric examples of toy robot packaging made in the 1950s. Illustrated by nameless artists, these packages show innovation in typography, while exhibiting the still evolving futuristic wayward thinking of space-age exploration in the form of the toy itself. 

"Sometimes, I believe we take lettering and typography rules much too seriously. These space-age package designs are a true folk art, and were just as theatrical as the mechanical marvels they portrayed. The Japanese artists who hand-lettered much of the English text on the early box designs, gave little forethought to word and letterspacing or alignment, because they probably didn't even speak the language. They ventured where few lettering artists had gone before, bringing a whole new meaning to the term outer space. Graduated italic titles with airstream strokes characterized space-age travel; dramatic lightening bolt lettering symbolized electricity; and rivets and gears suggested the perfect industrial machine-age toy."

Text by Jennifer Kennard