We focused on Germany's HORT in our Design department in the print magazine a few months back, and their website is full of past projects and client work that is some of our favorite in contemporary design at the moment. Today we are looking at the installation and catalogue work they did for artist collective DIE NEUE OFFENBACHER SCHULE, and used files and images from their archives and computers to create an interesting visual experience.

FROM HORT The artist collective 'DIE NEUE OFFENBACHER SCHULE' commissioned us to design an exhibition catalogue that would occupy its own position in the context of the exhibition. The aim was not to feature the represented artistic position - sculpture, installation, painting and drawing - in a catalogue format, rather, that the publication should be an additional work in itself that references the exhibition.

For this purpose the collective opened their private image archive for our use. This comprised of personal image collections connected to the individual's practice and through this demonstrated a normally invisible but in this case a perceptible part of the exhibited work. The sources, themes and motives represented in the archive of images are as disparate as the personalities of the group.

We translated the filenames of the individual images into purely typographic posters that, when folded, also function as a catalogue. Through the folding and separation, information becomes fragmented and juxtaposed.

The posters were also integrated into the exhibition as exhibited objects in order to open up a dialogue between the visualised sources and the exhibited work.