Recently, Herman Miller hosted a design competition focused on the idea of a modern, mobile worker. The proposition challenged designers to create a concept that would facilitate individual work in a shared work environment. It questioned designers to think about all of the “stuff” that mobile workers need to access throughout their day and what type of product could be created to aid in their plight.

With the goal of responding to the unique culture of organization necessary for the modern worker, Herman Miller expanded upon their ideology of “a living office”. Herman Miller provided a full design brief, requirements, and list of potential prizes for the best designs submitted. The prizes included $10, 000 plus product royalties if the final design goes into production, a Mirra Chair and a pair of Eames walnut stools.

The challenge winner, Christian Pistauer, created a portable crate dubbed “Gustav” that has multiple features to appeal to the mobile workers needs. It, along with the other finalists and contestants designs can be seen on the Herman Miller design challenge page in the link below. Follow Herman Miller for future competitions if you feel you’ve got what it takes to win a challenge.

Greg Cordeiro is the co-founder of New England Outerwear and contributor to Juxtapoz Design.