The Culiacán Botanical Garden in Mexico is a public space whose main functions are the conservation of plant species, scientific research, environmental education and cultural promotion. Besides containing botanical species from all regions of the country, Botanical Garden Culiacan contains an important collection of international contemporary art curated by Patrick Charpenel, where most of these parts are produced specifically for the Botanical Garden and are designed to meaning to the natural context and enrich the journey of the visitor.

The newest piece of art commissioned for the Botanical Garden is Encounter by James Turrell, an artist known worldwide for his work in which mainly interacts with light and empty spaces, exhibited in major museums around the world, such as Tate Modern, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. Encounter is an observatory, closed with a limited opening in the roof space through which visitors can observe the interaction between the colors of the sky, abstracted from its context and programmed lighting, seeking to intensify the effect of colors sunrise and sunset generated within consciousness and human perspective.

via designboom