Today, NTWRK, North America’s premier livestream shopping platform, announces its official partnership with the largest art and toy convention in the US, DesignerCon. On August 25-26, NTWRK will host the official DesignerCon virtual festival, which will feature over 50 individual sellers going live to showcase their products, exclusively on the NTWRK app. The brand will also have a booth at Anaheim's DCON in November. Stay tuned for more information.

As fans first, NTWRK curates a daily lineup of live editorialized shopping experiences around the world’s most covetable products and DesignerCon is no different. “NTWRK has always had a core focus on the designer toy community, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate those creators and fans than with this partnership with DesignerCon, which we believe is the premiere global event for designer toys and collectables,” says NTWRK CEO, Aaron Levant. “Bringing together DesignerCon and NTWRK is the ultimate match,” Designer Con's Founder Ben Goretsky says. “I’m so excited about all of the new content we get to bring to an expanded audience. We are, and have always been, about growing the DCON community, and this is an incredible opportunity to do just that!”

The partnership with DesignCon follows NTWRK’s wildly successful Unboxed festival, a two-day shopping experience dedicated to toys and collectibles, only on the NTWRK app in April 2022. Featuring some of the hottest designers and visual artists in the world including iconic visual artist Takashi Murakami, Superplastic and more, Unboxed was curated by streetwear star VERDY (Girls Don't Cry, Wasted Youth) and art directed by visual entrepreneur & fashion designer DJ Kevin Poon (CLOT, Nike, Adidas), who both released exclusive products during the festival.

There’s no user manual for virtual festivals, but NTWRK is writing its own. Since its 2018 launch, the “mobile first marketplace” (Digiday) app has been evolving the widely popular model by hosting hyper-curated, genre & fandom-specific virtual festivals. Festivals span fan communities of collectibles, sports, food and gaming with streetwear and art at the center of it all. As a key player behind the creation of ComplexCon, NTWRK CEO Aaron Levant has paired his vast experience in the physical festival space with his knowledge of new, breakthrough strategies to create the festival format of the future. By partnering with the buzziest creators and iconic names in art, entertainment and culture, NTWRK drives authentic engagement within each fan community.

This is one of several initiatives which has solidified NTWRK as North America’s premiere livestream shopping platform. Be sure to tune into the NTWRK app on August 25th and 26th for the exclusive virtual Designer Con festival, exclusively on the NTWRK app: