A part of Daniel Arsham's work has always been about the things we may leave behind, how contemporary culture will be fossilized and remembered and wasted and how historians will view all of this when they find it hundreds of years into the future. With this in mind, Arsham has teamed with Case Studyo on the Eroded Sweatshirt porcelain sculpture and lamp, a play on the idea of a merging past, present and future. 

From Case Studyo: 

The Case Studyo x Arsham Studio ERODED SWEATSHIRT is a scaled-down porcelain version of a heavyweight pullover hooded sweatshirt, reminiscent of Arsham’s iconic eroded jacket sculptures. The eroded porcelain object references a distant future in which the sweatshirt has been excavated by archeologists. ERODED SWEATSHIRT reimagines the iconic piece of culture into an archaeological relic of the past, blending time and space. This merging of past and future asks the collector to consider the present moment as they turn the light on inside the porcelain form. Measuring 31.75 cm x 35.56 cm, this functional art object comes with a cool white LED light, hand numbered and signed COA cards, and Arsham Studio Standard art handling gloves.